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GRANT: New Jersey Council on the Arts, Fellowship Grant for THE ACTIVIST, 2015.

PUBLICATIONS: BEWARE THE MAN EATING CHICKEN (full-length), SHTICK (full-length), FRESH BREWED: TALES FROM THE COFFEE BAR (collection of short plays), PROCEED TO CHECK-OUT (collection of short plays) and THE SECRET LIFE OF SEAGULLS (full-length) have been published by Samuel French, Inc. AND NOW, DIRECT FROM THE CONDO ACROSS THE STREET and JOEYS LAST MEAL, published on-line at Comedyplays.co.uk

Smith & Kraus has published TECH SUPPORT and portions of THE SECRET LIFE OF SEAGULLS and ME AND SHIRLEY. I have had a dozen short stories published, some of which have been finalists in national writing contests.

FILM OPTION: THE ACTIVIST, optioned by Northern Star Picture, July, 2013 for feature film.

MOST RECENT FULL-LENGTH PRODUCTIONS: SHTICK, Arts in Motion Theatre, NH; THE SECRET LIFE OF SEAGULLS, Chino Community Theatre, (world premiere); FRESH BREWED, Suburban Players, Buenos Aires; BEWARE THE MAN EATING CHICKEN, Little Theatre, Bangalore, India; THE ACTIVIST, Your Theatre, Inc., New Bedford, MA (world premiere); SHTICK, Ungelt Theatre, Prague, premiered December, 2010 with continuous touring in the Czech Republic through 2013. BEWARE THE MAN EATING CHICKEN, Ignite Theatre, Spokane, WA.

MOST RECENT READINGS: JUMP JIM CROW, Manhattan Theatre Club, June 23, 2013; JUMP JIM CROW, La Mama Theater, NY, Feb. 5, 2012.

PREVIOUS FULL LENGTH PRODUCTIONS include: BEWARE THE MAN EATING CHICKEN, Evolution Theatre Company, Columbus, OH; the North Coast Repertory Theatre, and the New York International Fringe Festival; FRESH BREWED: TALES FROM THE COFFEE BAR, as a cabaret, Don’t Tell Mama, NYC; JUMP JIM CROW, Midtown International Festival, NYC, 2008, THE LAST FALCON, Victory Hall, Jersey City.

AFFILIATIONS: I am a member of The Dramatists Guild, the African-American Playwrights Exchange, and Times Square Playwrights.

EDUCATION: Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Houston and a Masters of Fine Art in Playwrighting from Brooklyn College.

WEB SITE: For synopses of all my full-length plays and screenplays, visit my website at: www.henrymeyerson.com


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